The Balai Jakarta Convention Center

Located beside one of Jakarta’s central thoroughfares, the Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center has easy access to the Soekarno Hatta international airport, the Jakarta central business district, the Presidential palace and central and municipal administrative buildings, as well as many of the city’s prime shopping centers, restaurants, and golf courses. There are several hotels within walking distance of the convention center, including the Sultan Hotel which is linked to the convention center via an air-conditioned underground tunnel.

Shopping malls within walking distance include Senayan City, Plaza Senayan,Ratu Plaza, FX, and Pacific Place – all accessible via a short walk through the sports grounds, or by car. Restaurants, pharmacies, ATMs, currency exchange booths, and supermarkets are located in most of these malls.

The Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center spans around 120,000 sqm and comprises a round theater-style hall (Plenary Hall), two exhibition halls (Exhibition Hall A & B), an Assembly Hall, a banqueting hall (Cendrawasih Room), a spacious main lobby and atmospheric lower lobby, VIP rooms and lounges, and ten further meeting rooms which can be configured to match specific event requirements.


The Sultan Hotel Jakarta
Jl. Gatot Subroto Jakarta - 10270, Indonesia
Reservation Call +6221 57891001
T : +62(21)5703600
F : +62(21)5733089
E : info@sultanjakarta.com

Fairmont Jakarta
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8 Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta, Indonesia 10270
T : + 62 21 2970 3333
F : + 62 21 2970 3334
E : reservations.jakarta@fairmont.com

HARRIS Suites fX Sudirman Jakarta
Jl. Jend Sudirman, Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia
T : +62 21 2555 4333
F : +62 21 2555 4321
E : res-harris-fx@tauzia.com

Hotel Mulia Senayan
Jl. Asia Afrika Senayan, Jakarta 10270, Indonesia.
T. +62 21 574 7777
F. +62 21 574 7888
E. info.jakarta@hotelmulia.com
Reservations : reservation@hotelmulia.com

Century Park Hotel Jakarta
Jalan Pintu Satu Senayan , 10270 Jakarta - Indonesia
T : +62 (21) 571-2041
F : +62 (21) 571-2094
E : reservation@atletcentury.com


This harbour town was first known as Sunda Kelapa. But on 22 June 1527 Prince Fatahillah razed Sunda Kelapa and founded the town of Jayakarta on the same site. This is the date that Jakarta takes as the establishment of the city. Jayakarta was a thriving port where traders from China, India, Arabia and later the Europeans, as well as those from all over the archipelago exchanged their wares.

In 1619, the Dutch VOC under Jan Pieterszoon Coen destroyed Jayakarta and built a new town on the west bank of the Ciliwung river, which he named Batavia, after the Batavieren, the Dutch tribal ancestors. Batavia was planned similar to Dutch towns, in a series of blocks cut by canals and defended by a fortified wall and a moat.

This part of Batavia was completed in 1650. Old Batavia was where the Europeans lived, while the Chinese, Javanese and other indigenous groups were relegated outside the city entrenchment. In its heydays, Batavia became known as the Jewel of the East, the seat of the VOC and later it became the seat of the Dutch Government over the sprawling East Indies archipelago.

During the Japanese occupation in 1942, the Japanese again changed the name from Batavia to Jakarta.


Capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta is a huge, sprawling metropolis, home to almost 10 million people. During the day the number increases with another 2 million as commuters making their way to work in the city, and flock out again in the evenings. Located on the northern coast of Java, the province of Jakarta has rapidly expanded through the years, absorbing many villages in the process.

As capital city of a Indonesia, Jakarta is not only the seat of the national government and the provincial government, this city is also Indonesia’s political center. Moreover, Jakarta is also the center and hub of Indonesia’s national finance and trade. It is no wonder, therefore that you will find Jakarta an ever dynamic city, a city that never sleeps.


FX Sudirman

Address : Jl. Jend. Sudirman,
Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Hours: 10AM–10PM
Call (021) 25554600

Senayan City

Address : Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta Pusat 10270 Indonesia
Hours: 10AM–10PM
Call +62 21 7278 1000

Plaza Senayan

Address : Jl. Asia Afrika No.8, Gelora
Jakarta, Indonesia
Hours: 10AM–10PM
Call (021) 5725555


Transportation in Jakarta is relatively cheap. Taxis in Indonesia are cheap and plentiful, and thankfully air conditioned, making them the best way to get around, especially in the cities. Make sure the driver knows where you're going before getting in, and make sure he uses the meter. If he refuse, just get another taxi, they're usually not hard to find.
Recommended Taxi:

  • Blue Bird Taxi (blue cab)
    Tel.: 021-79171234
  • Silver Bird Taxi (black cab, premium taxi)
    Tel.: 021-7981234
  • White Horse Premium Cab (black cab)
    Tel.: 021-54374078
  • Express Taxi (white cab)
    Tel.: 021-26509000
  • Tiara Express
    (maxi-cab style premium taxi)
Other alternative by Bus of Trans Jakarta

Online Transportation
There are several online transportations available in Jakarta: GoJek and Grab.
You need to download the apps before using them.


There are different rules for foreign visitors in Indonesia. Most Countries get a 30 days free visa while other Country need to apply for a visa before travelling.

According to Presidential Decree of 21 of 2016 dated on 2 March 2016 on visa free, Indonesia now provides special short stay visa free facilities for tourists who are nationals of a total 169 Countries who wish to travel to Indonesia. (Such as Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Italy, India, Germany, ,Japan, Netherlands, Tonga, Turley, USA, UEA and others. For full lists of Countries, please visit : www.imigrasi.go.id)

Regardless what Country you are from and what kind of visa you will be getting, there are few thing every visitors need before travelling to Indonesia. You will need
  • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the day you enter Indonesia.
  • A passport that has at least one complete blank page.
  • Proof of a return flight or onward flight out of Indonesia.
This 30 day free Indonesia visa is valid for the purpose of :
  • Leisure and Tourism.
  • Family.
  • Social.
  • Art and Cultural.
  • Government Visits.
  • Giving a lecture or attend a seminar.
  • Attend a meeting held by Head Office or Representative Office in Indonesia.
  • While in transit on the way to another Country.
Should you need an On Arrival Visa, it will cost you 35 USD for 30 days visit (extendable). You can pay the fee using cash or credit card. Should you need to apply visa before traveling to Indonesia, please find the nearest Indonesian Embassy in your Country for application. For detail information, please visit : www.imigrasi.go.id


  • The average temperature in Jakarta, Java in August is hot at 27.5 °C (81.5 °F).
  • Afternoons can be very, very hot with average high temperatures reaching 32 °C (89.6 °F).
  • Overnight temperatures are generally fairly hot with an average low of 23 °C (73.4 °F).
  • In August the variation/ range of diurnal mean temperatures is 9 °C (16.2 °F).
  • The weather in August is slightly dry with occasional rain. Only 50mm (2in) of water is discharged during on average 5 days.
  • In August the skies in Jakarta, Java are nice and sunny having an average of a considerable 9:30 of blazing solar radiation daily.
  • The shortest day is 11:50 long and the longest day is 11:59 long with an average length of 11:55.
  • There are approximately 2:17 per day when bright sunshine is absent due to cloud, haze or the sun being too low on the horizon to register.
  • It is sunny approximately 80.6% of daylight hours and cloudy 19.4% of daylight hours.


  • Indonesia does not adopt controlled foreign exchange; transaction of foreign currency can be done in the bank at the airport, or money changer. Rupiah (Rp), or also called Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the country’s currency. The current exchange rate of USD to IDR is Rp 13,300. Since July 2015, Indonesian government imposed a policy that a remittance and all transactions in Indonesia cannot be done in US Dollar and must be done in Rupiah.
  • Notes come in 100, 200, 500, 1.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000, 50.000, 100.000 Rupiah denominations.
  • Popular foreign currency such as USD, Euro, Yen, AUD, SGD can be exchanged at foreign bank, local bank, money changer in Jakarta. When exchanging USD to Rupiah, please pay attention to the condition of the note. The notes should not have stains, fold marks, scratches and other condition.
  • Credit card can be used in Indonesia. Major credit cards, such as American Express, Visa, Master, etc. can be used in the urban area, but some stores may add some fees in a credit card transaction.


Money changer around The Venue :

Bali Inter Money Changer - Plaza Senayan
Plaza Senayan No.8, Jl. Asia Afrika
Jakarta Pusat 10270
Hours: 10AM–9PM

BMP Money Changer
Plaza Senayan No.8, Jl. Asia Afrika
Jakarta Pusat 10270
Hours: 10AM–10PM

Dua Sisi Money Changer Plaza Senayan
Plaza Senayan No.8, Jl. Asia Afrika
Jakarta Pusat 10270
Hours: 10AM–9.30PM
Mata Uang
FX Sudirman, FB, Unit I-05
v Jalan Jenderal Sudirman
Jakarta 10270
Hours: 10AM–9PM

MP Valas Money Changer
SCBD The Energy
Jalan Jend Sudirman Kav 52 – 53 Jakarta 10800
Hours: 9AM–5PM


Rumah Sakit Jakarta (Jakarta Hospital)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 49, Jakarta Selatan
Tel : (62-21) 5732241-3
Fax : 021-5710249
Email : customer.relation@rsjakarta.co.id

MRCCC Siloam Hospitals Semanggi
Jl. Garnisun Dalam No. 2-3 Semanggi
12930, Indonesia
Phone (+62 21) 2996 2888
Emergency Department (+62 21) 2996 2777

RSAL Dr. Mintohardjo (Navy Hospital Dr. Mintohardjo)
Jl . Bendungan Hilir No. 17 A, Jakarta Pusat
021-5703081-85, 021-5732036, 021-5711997


In Indonesia, most of all electricities using the power socket type C and F. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.